Gathering and using patient/staff stories – one stop shop!

 One Stop Shop

Like many others I’ve been passionate about patient experience for decades; however it was only recently that I came to realise that there is more to the gathering and use of patient stories than you might first think.  Unlike research in healthcare, in which we have specific research governance, I discovered that there is no ‘one stop shop’ to help with the tricky questions around ownership of stories, particularly when they have firstly been directed elsewhere as a complaint or involve several points of healthcare contact.

I worked my way around ethical considerations and legal obligations as to the use of stories relating to healthcare for use in a higher education institute. It was at this point that I had an opportunistic conversation with a like-minded person. That person was Rachel White. We had several discussions around good practice in research and Rachel’s earlier work around 'Discovery Interviews' and 'Realist Evaluation relating to the process of storytelling'.

Together we acknowledged a collective expertise and recognition of the power of storytelling by patients , carers and staff and looked to how we could achieve a framework to guide evidence based practice and a one stop shop for these valuable resources! Our starting point is to call out to other like-minded and passionate people to share with us how they gather, use, learn from and share their storytelling learning. We are excited to understand more from you about how the information is collected, who gets involved in the storytelling process and how individuals and organisations learn from stories. We anticipate there to be many more different and innovative formats - guidelines, frameworks, toolkits, that we haven’t seen yet and that we really welcome seeing!

So if like us you are keen to share expertise and help us to compile an evidence based framework to help us all with our future storytelling endeavours and a one stop shop for this valuable information, please contact us.

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