With a professional background in health sciences (OT), and PhD in Sociology & anthropology (2012), I am passionate to develop social sciences and humanities curricula in medical and health professions education. My research is focused on dismantling the intersectionality between health sciences, culture, politics, and bureaucracy among vulnerable populations within three fields: mental health, postmortem practices, and medical education.


I teach sociocultural and political concepts and aspects of health, illness and death to undergraduate medical students, and the way these are reflected in the general populations, and applied throughout the different stages of diagnosis, treatment, and health management in general. I also teach these concepts in the context of global and public health to post graduate students in Global Healthcare Leadership (GHL) programme. I began my role as director of the GHL programme in September 2023, through which I also lead the dissertation module. As part of my teaching profile is to deliver lectures and workshops on qualitative research methods to undergraduate medical students, post graduate students in GHL and Clinical Education programme as well.


*Senior author

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