I completed my BSc (1 st class hons) in Psychology at the University of Lincoln. I was awarded a studentship co-funded by the University of Lincoln and Lincoln County Hospital to study for my PhD. My thesis title was “Development and assessment of optotypes in testing human vision”. Following this I worked as a research assistant on a short-term pilot project at the University of Lincoln. This used eyetracking methods to look at visual search strategies of expert fingerprint officers in comparison to trained novices. I was then awarded a postdoctoral research fellowship on the INSTINCT project which was a collaboration between the School of Psychology and the School of Computer Science, again at the University of Lincoln. The INSTINCT project was funded by the Home Office and looked at the detection of deception and malintent. I have been a tutor/associate lecturer for the Open University teaching on levels 2 and 3 of the Psychology degree. I joined the Behavioural and Social Science (BSS) team at Keele Medical School as a lecturer and I am currently co-lead for year 2.

Research and scholarship

I supervise postgraduate students completing their dissertations on the Masters in Medical Education and am involved in providing CPD events both at the medical school and KIITE. I am interested in a range of areas including looking at how we can encourage students to take a self-directed approach to their learning as well as cognitive and perceptual biases that can lead to errors in thinking and decision making.


I deliver lectures to medical students in years 1, 2 and 3. I also facilitate year 2 PBL and a range of experiential learning sessions across years 1 and 2 and year 3 spine. I lead a year 2 psychology workshop on body image awareness. I contribute sessions to the Introduction to Medical Education Research (IMER) module on the Masters in Medical Education. I am a keen advocate of ‘team-teaching’ and co-deliver lectures with colleagues from different disciplines to highlight how behaviour and bioscience subjects integrate in medicine. I am a Senior Fellow of Advance HE (formerly the HEA)

Further information

I am a co-lead for Year 2 and also a member of several committees including the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team (EDIT) and the associated student group. I was previously Chair of the School Student Project Ethics Committee and am now a member of the Faculty Research Ethics Committee. I am a member of the Behavioural and Social Sciences Teaching (BeSST) in medical education network.

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