Medicine | MBChB

Course type: Single Honours
Duration of study: 5 years
UCAS code: A100

Course Content

Throughout the course there is an emphasis on feedback to help you improve your knowledge, understanding and performance of medical practice. The modern, spiral, highly-integrated medical curriculum combines a range of learning strategies, including:

  • early clinical experience
  • integrated communication and clinical skills teaching
  • practical sessions, including dissection
  • problem-based-learning (PBL), lectures, and seminars.

You will have extensive experience of clinical placements in both primary and secondary care settings and in the community sector. Inter-professional learning and student interests are fostered throughout the programme.

Further opportunities for diversity are encouraged through intercalation. Opportunities for intercalation to pursue an additional qualification in a medicine-related subject are available, and include studying at bachelor’s level after the second year or master’s level after the fourth year. Intercalation is a year out of your undergraduate medical studies in order to study a subject area in greater depth before returning to complete the medical course. An intercalated degree provides you with:

  • an opportunity to pursue an additional qualification in a medicine-related subject that interests you
  • acquire a better understanding of basic biomedical sciences, medical humanities and research methodologies
  • publish scientific papers and present at conferences

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