Current lay members of the School

Thank you for being a lay member of the School of Medicine. Please contact Susan Farrington if you have any questions or need any further information.

Glossary of terms

You may find our Glossary of terms‌ useful. The glossary covers some of the terms and acronyms you may enounter as a PPI partner.

Who's who?

Use our staff search to find out Who's Who in the School of Medicine. Many of them will be committee Chairs and administrators.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

You will probably be involved in a wide range of other activities which may result in the potential for a conflict of interest. For this reason we have a Disclosure of Conflict of Interest Policy and ask all lay members to fill in a Conflict of Interest Form. You will not be disadvantaged, it just allows us to monitor if any possible conflicts may arise.

A core value of patient and public involvement within the School of Medicine is that nobody is "out of pocket" as a result of their invited involvement as a lay member. The lay member role is a voluntary role, therefore there is no payment to cover volunteers' time.

However the School will reimburse reasonable travel expenses (mileage or receipted public transport) for invited involvement with the School. Please return any expense forms to Sarah Thirlwall or leave at reception.

A copy of the Non Staff Expenses Form can be found in the Expenses Forms tab on the standard forms web page (in the Finance section of our website).

Please refer to the Recognition & Remuneration Policy for further details.

You may be exposed to confidential material as part of your role at the School of Medicine. If you are in doubt please discuss with the Chair or administrator of your committee or Susan Farrington. Lay interviewers and committee members will be expected to complete and return a confidentiality agreement.

Driving directions

  • From the A525 enter the University Campus via the main entrance, University Avenue, and manoeuvre into the right-hand lane. The David Weatherall Building is the building you can see on the right
  • At the first small roundabout, turn right and continue onto University Drive
  • Turn right at the next mini roundabout leading to the School of Medicine, David Weatherall Building

For parking arrangements please refer to the instructions given to you by your contact.

If possible, parking will be arranged for you. Please inform your contact if you require a parking space and permit. Please be aware that permit parking or pay and display is in operation throughout the campus.

Campus maps

  • Speak informally to the Chair or to your Committee Administrator
  • Speak informally to Susan Farrington
  • If you would like to raise an issue more formally then contact Susan Farrington