Public and Patient Involvement at the School of Medicine

Keele University School of Medicine aspires to be an example of best practice in its high quality and effective engagement of patients, carers and members of the public embracing them as critical friends throughout the operation and development of the selection and education of medical students (and doctors in training).

There are numerous opportunities for the public to get involved with the School of Medicine. By getting involved you will know that you have positively contributed to medical education and helped shape the doctors of the future. There are several ways that you can get involved, both voluntary and paid roles, opportunities for individuals and for organisations.  

The opportunities available include:

  • Lay interviewers are members of the public who take part in the interviews of prospective medical students.
  • Lay members on School of Medicine Committees are members of the public who sit on School Committees and have an input in the direction and running of the School.
  • Real patients are involved in teaching and assessment.
  • Simulated patients are actors who take part in role play during teaching, assessment and admissions. They are used to represent a patient that students can practice skills on in a controlled and safe environment. 
  • Community placements are third sector placements where medical students are placed with charities and community groups.

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