Information Security is everyone’s responsibility

Each user of Keele computing and information resources must realize the fundamental importance of information resources and recognize their responsibility for the safekeeping of those resources. Users must guard against abuses that disrupt or threaten the viability of all systems. The following are specific responsibilities of all staff and students:

  • Understanding that information security applies to paper and electronic data and information
  • Embracing the “Security is everyone’s responsibility” philosophy to assist Keele in meeting its strategic direction. This is a community responsibility to protect all our data. Remember this data includes your personal information too
  • Completion of annual information security awareness training
  • Maintaining awareness of the contents of the information security policies and adhere to specific system usage, data handling, and storage requirements
  • Classifying confidential and sensitive information that is received, according to the Data Classification Policy. Limiting the distribution of this information accordingly
  • Understanding the consequences of their actions with regard to computing security practices and acting accordingly