Lock your device

Remove the temptation for other people to play with your PC/Laptop when you leave it unattended (send unauthorised emails, snoop through your files, maliciously change information and other nefarious things….) by locking your screen on your office device  or logging off/signing out if you are a student or a staff member using a ‘public’ machine e.g. in the library.

Locking your device can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Hold down the WINDOWS key and L (quickest option)
  2. Hold CRTL ALT and DEL keys then ENTER (the oldie but goodie way)

You will then need to enter your password to access your device on your return.

To log off but leave the device powered on:

  1. Click the START icon and click on Log off
  2. CRTL ALT and DEL then click on Log off

The next user will need to enter their userid and password.