Aegrotat and posthumous awards

This web page details how the University processes awards for students who have either become too ill to continue their studies (Aegrotat) or for those students who pass away during their studies (Posthumous).


1) The student’s School(s) Office should submit a request for an Aegrotat or posthumous award to the Director of Student & Academic Services. The request should include:

• The name of the student
• The student number of the student
• The date of death (if applicable) or the time period/details of the illness which is leading to the recommendation for an Aegrotat award (medical certification for the illness will be required – this process is only to be applied for once the avenues of the extenuating circumstances and leave of absence processes have been fully exhausted)

2) The recommendation for the award should be accompanied by the documentation listed below from the student’s profile/record:

• The year of registration of the student
• The name of the degree programme on which the student was registered
• The stage of the programme of study reached by the student at the time of the request
• Any examination or assessment marks obtained by the student prior to the request
• The level or number of credits obtained by the student prior to the request
• Details of any outstanding academic requirements according to the University’s degree regulations
• Supporting statement from the School – in cases where it is a Master’s degree being considered before the submission of a dissertation then a report should be submitted by the candidate’s supervisor/advisor and the relevant Exam Board.

3) The proposed award and supporting paperwork will be sent to the PVC Education, and Chair of University Exam Board, for consideration and approval – for posthumous awards these will be sent to the Vice-Chancellor

4) The approved award will be reported to the following meeting of Senate.

The following document is a guide to the thresholds to be considered in determining the type of award issued and includes the relevant Ordinance and Regulations: Aegrotat and Posthumous Awards Guidance