Continuing professional development

The History department at Keele has a long tradition of continuing education. As well as teaching many enthusiastic and brilliant people about the local history of Staffordshire and surrounding area, we also offer courses on the methods and practice of local history study, as well as key skills such as document reading and analysis, and short courses on topical subjects that regularly attract students from overseas. Of particular note are our Certificate in Local History, and the long-running Latin and Palaeography Summer School. Keep an eye out for upcoming courses!

Continuing eduction in History takes place within a wider portfolio of adult education opportunities in the School of Humanities, the more history-orientated of which are also listed below. Details of the full range can be found here.

It is also worth checking our regular seminars, and activities in the Centre for Local History - all are open to the public.

Local history is the root of all history and all places have their own particular histories. This course is academic in approach but caters for a wide constituency. Are you a family historian who would like to learn how to find out more about the context in which your ancestors lived? Or perhaps you are interested in the history of your house or community, and would like to find out how you can develop your research skills so that you can discover more for yourself. Or perhaps you are a complete beginner who wants to find out about local history? Then this course is designed for you. Beginners can find out about local history; the more experienced can improve their research. This course is open to all and there are no entrance qualifications beyond a desire to learn and a willingness to talk.

Former students have continued from the Certificate to publish their own local histories, to study for further research degrees including an MRes and PhD. Others have gone on to work in museums and archives.

The course runs for two years but recruits each year.

For further advice contact Dr Andrew Sargent.

The 42nd Keele Latin and Palaeography Summer School

Saturday 20 – Thursday 25 July 2019

This summer school at Keele University (now in its 42nd year) is for those wishing to acquire or improve their skills in reading and transcribing medieval and early modern documents in both Latin and English. Taken mostly from English archives (both national and local), the documents are chiefly those which are used by historians rather than literary texts.

If you need an introduction to medieval Latin or palaeography (the study of medieval and early modern handwriting), or wish to enhance the knowledge that you already have and want to meet others with the same interests, then the Keele school is designed for you, and one of its main benefits is that students are able to build up their knowledge and confidence during the week.

The school is taught in several small groups, but these are not in sessions at which students just listen to tutors and make notes. Rather, the emphasis is very much on learning the skills in reading and transcribing documents, and so involves a lot of active participation.

The approach is serious but friendly and attracts a wide range of people from both the UK and abroad: national, local, and family historians, along with archive students and postgraduate researchers. Many come back year after year, taking the opportunity to seek advice from tutors and fellow students on their own research interests and problems.

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