Luke Walker - MSc Pain Science and Management

I am a modular student on the MSc pain management course. I completed my undergraduate over 10 years ago at Keele and knew the SHAR to be excellent and the tutor support first class. So, when I saw the variety of post graduate modules on offer and the flexible learning format I jumped at the chance to undertake my MSc back at Keele.

I was initially concerned about fitting in the studying and travel while working full time and living a long way from Keele. However, the tutor support seems almost 24 hours a day and I have had numerous Skype tutorials and email conversations when required.

The course is incredibly informative and up to date; it really challenges your clinical reasoning. As a result, you really see the difference in clinical practice. While it is incredibly tough fitting in the studying, work and family, the modular route does give you the flexibility to manage your time and decide when to fit modules in. The tutors are understanding and help you plan your time efficiently.

It really is the most diverse course out there and, in my opinion the best.