About the School of Allied Health Professions

The School of Allied Health Professions was established in 1994, and since then has worked towards consolidation, growth and development of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We have excellent links with local healthcare providers and liaise closely with other schools across the University. Our staff involved in the delivery of education are committed to providing a rich educational experience for all students in a friendly and supportive environment.

The School of Allied Health Professions offers a variety of groups and societies. This includes our knowledge exchange groups - SIGNeT (Special Interest Group for Neurological Therapists) which provides opportunities for neurological therapists to share the latest knowledge and improve clinical skills and ASPIRE (Allied health professionals of Staffordshire PIoneering Rheumatology Education) which is a collaboration of rheumatology health professionals within Staffordshire that offer two modules on arthritis and allied conditions.

We also have research groups such as the Rehabilitation Research Group that brings together scientists, engineers and clinical researchers to tackle the physical limitations brought on by neuromuscular and skeletal disease, injury and ageing. There is also the Physiotherapy Research Society which was formed to promote research in physiotherapy and hosts a conference every spring.

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