Kevin Mulholland - BSc Physiotherapy Keele University 2008 – 2011

Current Job Role: Head Academy Physiotherapist Stoke City Football Club

My name is Kevin Mulholland, I graduated from Keele University with a first class honours degree in physiotherapy in June 2011. Following my graduation from Keele University, I am now employed full time by Stoke City Football Club as Head Academy Physiotherapist.

Having previously achieved a first class BSc in sports science in the Republic of Ireland, I decided to follow my lifelong ambition of becoming a physiotherapist. After attending a number of interviews and various open days I feel in love with Keele University. This was mainly due to the friendly atmosphere, great on-site campus facilitates and also the School of Health and Rehabilitations (SHAR) highly recognised physiotherapy degree and experienced friendly staff.

Throughout my study all staff at SHAR made me feel extremely welcome, offering guidance and support both academically and personally. No problem was too little or large for the staff to help with which put me at ease, especially as I was in a new unfamiliar country and living away from my family and friends for the first time.

My three years studying at SHAR provided me with a wide range of clinical placements which allowed me to gain experience in several specialist areas including musculoskeletal outpatients, inpatient neurology, multiple injury unit, inpatient orthopaedics, care of the elderly and elite sports injuries. Each of my clinical placements provided me with vital learning experiences which have helped to shape my clinical reasoning and treatment skills when faced with various patients in my current role. The placements provided me with real hands on experience of assessing and treating conditions, many of which I have treated since qualifying.

My day to day role as Head Academy Physiotherapist at Stoke City Football Club is demanding yet extremely rewarding. I work as part of a medical team which includes two strength and conditioning staff members, a sports rehabilitator, match analyst and a number of coaches. As Head Academy Physiotherapist I am responsible for ensuring all academy games and treatment clinics have suitable medical cover, in order to achieve this I must ensure that a suitable rota is produced for the 12 part time physiotherapists employed by the club. I work alongside the first team’s medical department on a daily basis and provide treatment to players at all home first team matches.

My main responsibility is to look after all the clubs academy players aged between 9 and 18, up to 200 in total. I am accountable for assessing; diagnosing and treating the clubs scholars on a daily basis and ensuring the management staff and coaches are fully aware of players’ injuries and expected return to play dates. I also undertake all players return to play assessments before deciding if they should return to training with restrictions or full contact training. In addition, I am responsible for conducting performance functional movement screening (FMS) with all academy players allowing me to identify if players are at a high, moderate or low risk of injury. Following analysis of this screening, I design and implement individual pre-hab programmes specific to each player to help prevent reoccurrence of, or additional injuries.

To date SHAR has enabled me to develop the skills required to fulfil my current role with Stoke City Football Club. Due to my great experience studying at Keele University I have decided to continue my studies at SHAR and have recently enrolled to undertake my MSc in physiotherapy on a part time basis. I believe this will enhance my qualifications, clinical reasoning skills and treatment of more complex conditions. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about embarking on a career in physiotherapy to strongly consider studying at SHAR. I for one am delighted and proud to have studied for my BSc Physiotherapy at Keele University. My time at Keele has been a major highlight of my life to date and a place where I have made many wonderful lifelong friends.