SHAR Hosts Inaugural Evening Showcasing Physiotherapy Research

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Posted on 13 June 2017

The School of Health and Rehabilitation (SHAR) in partnership with the Keele Physiotherapy Society recently hosted an inaugural evening showcasing current, innovative research being carried out by differing members of staff from the school. The evening also included a special guest keynote lecture by Dr Emma Stokes, WCPT president.


Prof Anand Pandyan, Dr Sue Hunter, Anne O'Brien, Fraser Philp, Afroditi Kouzouna, Sean Ledger, Dr Emma Stokes

Prof Anand Pandyan Head of School, Fraser Philp, Anne O'Brien, Dr Emma Stokes WCPT President, Dr Sue Hunter , Sean Ledger, Afroditi Kouzouna


Presenting their research on the evening were Anne O’Brien who presented her research into the role of physiotherapy in the treatment of Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR); Afroditi Kouzouna who discussed her research into the impact of respiratory function on outcome after stroke; Fraser Philp who presented his study into validating the methods that underpin the modelling of injury risk factors in football and Sean Ledger who discussed his study which evaluated the effects of supervised exercise for children with cystic fibrosis. Following their talks each presenter invited questions from the audience, which provided interesting discussion and learning opportunities for the audience made up of SHAR staff, Primary Care and Health Sciences staff, students and members of the Keele University Community.

To conclude the evening Dr Emma Stokes, WCPT President, presented a keynote lecture that motivated and inspired all attending to consider the importance of global collaboration, diversity and communication to the development of Physiotherapy. Dr Stokes commented that she found the evening uplifting and inspiring; she enjoyed meeting the students and hearing about the fantastic research being done at SHAR.

SHAR staff present their work

Following the presentations the School hosted a cheese and wine reception that allowed all attending to discuss, network and reflect on the issues raised during the evening. The school intend for this to be an annual event that grows upon the success of this first inspiring year as an opportunity to showcase Physiotherapy and Health and Rehabilitation research taking place at SHAR.