Peter Yeates, Senior Lecturer in Medical Education Research

Peter Yeates

Peter’s research focuses primarily on assessment and feedback within health professionals’ education. His doctoral work (2009-12) contributed to the formation of the field of assessor cognition, and he has subsequently studied the influence of a range of influences and biases on examiners’ judgement. His recent research has focused on developing and testing technology-enhanced assessment methods, including video-based feedback, video-based examiner benchmarking and exploratory work into the use of computer vision and artificial intelligence to measure aspects of trainees’ communication skills. Since 2015 he has been funded through an NIHR Clinician Scientist award to develop VESCA, a method of enhancing examiners’ standardisation in distributed OSCE exams which aim to enhance quality assurance of large-scale exams.

Peter has expertise in: experimental methods; assessment psychometrics; many-facet Rasch modelling; grounded theory research and Realist evaluation.