Information for suppliers

Wherever possible Keele University procure all goods and services from pre-tendered Consortium Framework agreements. i.e. North West Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC), North East Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC), Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC), London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC) Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges, The Universities Caterers Organisation (TUCO), Crescent Purchasing Consortium, Higher Education Purchasing Consortium Wales.


If the area of spend does not fall within a standard Framework Agreement, depending of the expected value of the purchase and the type of commodity to be purchased, the University will carry out a competitive tender exercise.

All tenders are advertised on In-Tend which is an electronic tendering portal.

Interested suppliers should register on the In-Tend system (registration is free of charge), once registered suppliers will receive notification of any relevant tender advertisements placed, expression of interest can be made by the supplier to the appropriate tender.  Once an expression of interest has been made the tender documents can be downloaded.

To register on the In-Tend system, please click on the link as follows: In-Tend 

Note: Registering on In-Tend system does not mean that you are a contracted supplier to Keele University or the Consortium.  The supplier needs to download the tender documentation once advertised, submit a tender for evaluation and be successfully awarded.

If the value of the contract is over the current UK thresholds, in accordance with Public Procurement Regulations, notification of the tender process is placed in Fina a Tender

The advert (called a Contract Notice) will be placed on Find a Tender and a link to In-Tend. Interested suppliers should register on the In-Tend system.

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Contract for services

Fraud Risk

Contractors working on campus

E-Procurement Supplier Portal - Parabilis

Keele University suppliers can use the Parabilis E-Procurement portal via the web for functions as follows:


  • Suppliers can view purchase orders sent by Keele University using the Parabilis E-Procurement "Supplier Portal


Suppliers can submit invoices instantly free of charge directly on to the Keele University Parabilis E-Procurement "Supplier Portal" and view the payment status of their invoices via Supplier PO Flip function, follow the guides below for further information.  

  • If you require any further assistance please contact our Accounts Payable Team on 01782 733157 or 01782 734615 or 01782 733525 or email 


Where to find Us - Keele University Procurement Office

You can locate Keele University's Procurement Office at the address below. Using the Keele Campus Guide, we are building number 29 and map reference J7.

Visitor parking is available outside IC2 reception. Please ask at IC2 reception at the time of parking for temporary parking permit.

Keele University Procurement Office
Innovation Centre 2 (IC2)
Science and Innovation Park