Trialing a room level heating control system

One of the most challenging inefficiencies on campus is the overheating of individual rooms or provision of heating to rooms that aren't occupied. To overcome this challenge, the University Energy Team is trialing an innovative way to manage heating in academic buildings.

A system has been installed on the ground floor of the Claus Moser building to trial automated control that also allows building users to adjust the room temperature.

The system brings together both the control of heating and air conditioning (where installed) and combines this with the ability to detect when a room is occupied or if a window is open.

A simple to use interface is located on the wall of each room to allow occupants to easily see the status of the system and adjust the temperature to their own comfort levels. The building users' comfort and energy consumption will be closely monitored over the course of the trial to determine the system's suitability for installation in other buildings on campus in the future.