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Monarchy/Royal Family

National Anthem and Flag


Central Government


main access point for departments and services


Performance of Government Services data on departmental transactions

The Government Says - government press releases

UK Legislation 1267 to Present from the National Archives


Civil Service

  • - range of government databases
  • COINS - Combined Online Information System - detailed database of public expenditure
  • Value Your Freedom project (archived)

    Government on the Web - understanding e-government and the impact of web-based technologies on government from LSE and Oxford Internet Institute

    Central Departments

  • Cabinet Office
  • Attorney-General's Office
  • Department For Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Department for Communities & Local Government
  • Department for Education
  • Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
  • Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
  • Department of Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Department of Health
  • Department for International Development
  • Ministry of Justice moved to site
  • Department for Transport
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Home Office
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Privy Council Office
  • Freedom of Information Blog(to 2013)
  • WhatDoTheyKnow - Freedom of Information requests and responses
  • H.M. Treasury
  • Northern Ireland Office
  • Scotland Office
  • Wales Office

    UK Central Government Agencies and Public and Parapublic Bodies

  • Air Accidents Investigation Branch
  • Airports Commission closed 2015
  • Association of Chief Police Officers to 2015 - see National Police Chief's Council
  • Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
  • Audit Commission to March 2015
  • Bank of England
  • Better Regulation Commission to 2008 Now Regulatory Delivery
  • British Academy
  • British Council
  • British-Irish Council
  • British Tourist Authority
  • Butler Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Care Quality Commission
  • Central Office of Information - closed
  • Charity Commission (England and Wales)
  • Child Support Agency
  • Children's Commissioner for England
  • Commission for Judicial Appointments
  • Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health
  • Commission for Rural Communities closed March 2013
  • Committee on Standards in Public Life
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission
  • Companies House
  • Competition Commission - closed 2014
  • Competition & Markets Authority
  • HM Courts & Tribunals Service
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Innocence Network UK
  • Criminal Courts Review (2001) Archived
  • Defence Science & Technical Laboratory
  • Electoral Commission
  • English Heritage
  • English National Park Authorities Association
  • Enjoy England - English Tourist Board
  • The Environment Agency
  • Equality & Human Rights Commission
  • Financial Services Authority - archived
  • Financial Standards Authority
  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • Prudential Regulation Authority
  • Financial Ombudsman
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Government Communications Headquarters
  • Government Communication Network
  • Health & Safety Executive
  • Homes & Communities Agency
  • Independent Housing Ombudsman
  • The Hutton Inquiry Report
  • Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority
  • Independent Police ComplaintsCommission
  • Independent Press Complaints Commission
  • Institute for Government'promoting more effective government'
  • Intelligence and Security Committee
  • Interception of Communications Commissioner
  • Investigatory Powers Tribunal
  • Iraq Inquiry (Chilcot)
  • Judicial Appointments Commission
  • Land Registry
  • Law Commission for England & Wales
  • Legal Aid Agency or here
  • Legal Services Commission
  • Browse all UK legislation
  • Low Pay Commission
  • Major Projects Authority
  • Maritime & Coastguard Agency
  • Mental Health Review Tribunal
  • Meteorological Office
  • MI5 (Security Service)
  • MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service)
  • Office of the Surveillance Commissioners OR Office of the Intelligence Commissioner OR here
  • Intelligence Services Commissioners
  • Intelligence Services Commissioners from Wikipedia
  • Interception of Communications Commissioner's Office
  • UK Acts 1267 to Present; Statutory Instruments, Local Acts, Church Measures
  • National Archives
  • National Audit Office
  • National Counter-Terrorism Security Office
  • National Crime Agency
  • National Endowment for Science,Technology and the Arts
  • National Health Service
  • National Lottery
  • National Lottery Commission
  • National Parks England
  • National Statistics Online
  • National Youth Agency
  • Natural England
  • Office for Fair Access (Offa)
  • Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted)
  • Office for Budget Responsibility
  • Public Appointments Commissioners
  • Office of the Information Commissioner
  • Office of Communications(Ofcom)
  • Office of Fair Trading closed 2014 archived
  • Office of Gas and Electricity Marketting (Ofgem)
  • Office of Intellectual Property (formerly Patent Office)
  • Office of the Intelligence Services Commissioner OR here
  • Office of the Rail Regulator (Ofrail)
  • Office of the Surveillance Commissioners
  • Office of Water Services(Ofwat)
  • Office of the Schools Adjudicator
  • Official Documents Online
  • Ordnance Survey
  • The Pensions Regulator
  • Police UK
  • Press Complaints Commission closed 2014
  • H.M. Prison Service
  • Prison and Probation Ombudsman
  • Public Audit Forum
  • Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency
  • H.M. Revenue & Customs
  • RightsNet - welfare rights site
  • The Security Service
  • Skills Funding Agency
  • Special Immigration Appeals Commission
  • Tenant Services Authority - archived with some material to Homes & Communities Agency
  • Tribunals Review archived
  • United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
  • UK Border Agency
  • UK Law and Government Sites from LawResearch Com
  • UK Space Agency
  • UK Official Publications Online
  • Young People's Learning Agency closed, archived

    United Kingdom Parliament

    House of Commons

    Political Parties

    The Electoral Commission: Register of Political Parties and Donations

  • List of Political Parties in the United Kingdomfrom Wikipedia
  • British Political Parties from Political Resources
  • Membership of UK Political Parties

    Legal System

  • Judiciary, Courts and Tribunals of England & Wales
  • British and Irish Legal Information Institute - over 75,000 documents in 14 databases including decisions by House of Lords, Court of Appeal, High Court searchable
  • Supreme Court
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Criminal Courts Review 2001 -archived
  • Law Commission for England and Wales
  • Lawtel Current Awareness Service (subscription)
  • CourtServe - legal information, digest of news, links (subscription)
  • The Law Journal
  • Law Society Gazette
  • Centre for Crime and Justice Studies
  • HM Courts and Tribunals Service
  • Justice
  • Legal Defence and MonitoringGroup (not maintained)
  • Association of Members of Independent Monitoring Boards
  • Public Interest Lawyers
  • Report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel 2012
  • Special Immigration Appeals Commission
  • Tribunals Review (2001) from the National Archives
  • UK Law Online from the University of Leeds
  • UK Statute Law
  • Foundation for Law, Justice and Society
  • National Association for Youth Justice
  • Criminal Justice Alliance
  • Consumer Justice Alliance
  • Legal Blogs with UK or Irish Content
  • Free Legal Proformas from Formswift
  • Magistrate's Blog 2005-2012
  • Magistrate's Blog
  • The Justice of the Peace Blog

    English Regions

  • Most regional bodies established under Labour in 1997-2010 have subsequently been closed. Some relevant material can be found at the National Archives and some has been transferred to the appropriate central department. What can be found below is what remains 
  • Regional Develop
  • Regional Minister from Wikipedia
  • Regions of England from Wikipedia
  • Regional Assembly England
  • Regional Development Agencies
  • English Regions Equality and Human Rights Network
  • Local and Regional Government Research and Statistics - archived
  • Evaluation of the Role and Impact of Regional Assemblies
  • New Labour, No Britain?
  • Do Regions Matter?
  • The Future of English regional government from Federal Union
  • Cornish Constitutional Convention
  • Poll on Devolved English Parliaments
  • Campaign for an English Parliament
  • E-petition for an English Parliament
  • Centre for Public Policy for the Regions
  • The Cornish Republican
  • Local Action Cornwall
  • Kernow Action

    See also under referendums below

    Combined Authorities

    Local Government

  • Association of British Counties
  • Association of Northeast Councils
  • Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
  • Audit Commission (Local Government) Performance Indicators Program
  • Campaign for the Reform of Council Tax
  • Centre for Local Economic Strategies
  • Councillors Against Cuts
  • EDemocracy UK: UK Issues Forum
  • Greater London Assembly
  • Mayor
  • London Data Store
  • (London) Mayor Watch
  • Electoral Reform in Local Government: Lessons from the Rest of Europe - Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2000
  • Institute of Revenues, Rating & Valuation
  • Is it Fair? Campaign to Reform the Council Tax
  • Is There a Future for Local Government? Commons paper
  • Local eGovernment from Wikipedia
  • Local Government Association
  • Local Government Chronicle
  • Local Government Boundary Commission for England
  • Local Government Ombudsman
  • Local Government Websites from DirectGov
  • Association of London Councils
  • National Association of LocalCouncils
  • New Local Government Network - modernising local government
  • Oultwood English Local Government Index
  • Parish Councils in England from Wikipedia
  • Political Composition of Councils
  • Society of Local Authority Chief Executives
  • Special Interest Group of Municipal Authorities
  • The Standards Board for England - works with local authorities to promote and maintain standards of conduct
  • Strong and Prosperous Communities White Paper 2006 from Department for Communities and Local Government
  • UK Villages
  • Parish and Town Councils on the Web from Wikipedia
  • Villages Online
  • Towns Counties and Postcodes

    Elections and Referenda

    Electoral System and Election Arrangements

    Parliamentary Elections

    Political Groups and Causes

    This section lists groups known to have an involvement in issues of public policy, grouped into broad subject areas:
    Animals and Rural Issues.. Asylum, Immigration, Race and Refugees..
    Britain and Europe.. Business and Industry
    Defence and International.. Environmental
    Ideology and Activism.. Political System
    Rights and Liberties.. Social Issues.. Trade Unions

    Animal Rights and Rural Issues

    Asylum, Immigration, Refugees and Race Relations

    Britain and Europe

    Business and Industry

    Defence and International Issues


    Ideology and Activism

    Political System

    Rights and Liberties

    Social Issues

    Trade Unions and Professional Associations


    Media in General, Directories and Lists


    Photo Libraries

    Newspapers and magazines

    Radio and Television/h

    Polls and Surveys

  • British Election Study datasets
  • British Polling Council
  • Communicate Research
  • Election Forecast from UKElect
  • Electoral Calculus 2015 General Election Prediction
  • ESRC Data Archive - about 5000 social and political datasets including Mori polls, British Cohort Survey, British Social Attitudes etc
  • Gallup Poll
  • ICM Polls
  • The National Centre for Social Research
  • National Digital Archive of Datasets
  • Opinion Leader Research 
  • Populus
  • UK Polling Report
  • YouGov

    Political Weblogs and Discussion Sites

    Lists of blogs

    Individual blogs

    This does not attempt to be a definitive list but concentrates on blogs with a substantial engagement with politics. 

    Other UK sites of political interest

    Indices, Directories and Reference

    Channel Islands

    Isle of Man

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