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These guides are designed to help researchers and students of politics.
Inclusion is in no sense a seal of approval. It rests with the
user to decide what is useful and acceptable.

The Keele Guides to Government & Politics In

[United Kingdom/England & Wales]
[Scotland].. [Wales].. [Northern Ireland]
[Europe].. [United States].. [Canada]
[Central America and the Caribbean].. [South America]
[Asia].. [Africa]
[Australia, New Zealand, Pacific].. [The Middle East]
[International Relations and Transnational  Issues]

Keele Guides to

[Constitutions].. [Elections and Electoral Systems]
[Environmental Politics].. [Flags and Anthems]
[Human Rights].. [International Media]
[Political Science].. [Political Thought, Theory & Ideology]


[Disasters and Emergency Management]

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