A thriving, inclusive Christian community and Church at the heart of Keele University Campus...

About Keele Chapel

The chapel is one of the places on campus set aside for groups or individuals to worship, pray, meditate or reflect, and all students and staff are most welcome to make use of it. You will also find regular extras such as our portable labyrinth which is popular during exam periods, and opportunities to respond to events in the news or mark occasions such as Holocaust Memorial Day or World Aids Day – check out the chapel Facebook page for the latest. If you want to know more about using these spaces contact the chaplains.

The Chapel

The Chapel is normally open between 7:30am-10pm (during term time). There is a small kitchenette where free tea and coffee are provided, welcome spaces with seating and an upstairs meeting room. Everyone is welcome!

Main Chapel

The Main Chapel is used for Sunday services, Christian groups and societies, music recitals/concerts and lessons, graduations and public events.

East Chapel

The East Chapel is primarily set aside for private prayer, and includes a dedicated Roman Catholic apse, a prayer board, space to light candles. Bibles and prayer cards are available.

The Space

The Space is located within the East Chapel, and is offered as a safe and inclusive space for people of any, or no faith. It’s deliberately kept free of any religious symbols and is available for individuals for quiet prayer, reflection or meditation.


The Chapel is a Local Ecumenical Partnership (L.E.P.), which means that major Christian denominations are represented and work together.

We have:

  • An Anglican Chaplain
  • A Free Church Chaplain (term time only)
  • A Catholic Lay Chaplain
  • A part-time Catholic Priest Chaplain
  • A part-time Administrative Assistant
  • A full-time volunteer Chaplaincy Assistant

(Please see Chaplaincy Team for more details).