Gateway criteria

Keele University Science and Innovation Park (KUSIP) is a knowledge-led community of high value companies, researchers and students. We are committed to supporting businesses on KUSIP to fully exploit the value and benefit of having access to more than 10,000 students and over 800 researchers and academics.

We welcome enquiries from growing companies that will add to existing high value jobs in local area and will utilise their co-location amongst internationally-recognised businesses on a research-led university campus for further growth.

After the Initial Enquiry Form has been received, individual enquiries are evaluated monthly (with the exception of urgent requests) by the KUSIP Management Group and are based on the following gateway criteria:

  • Current level of Research and Development (R&D) and innovation within the company. This can cover product/service innovation, but could also include innovation within different areas of the business model that could be considered by the KUSIP Management Group;
  • Strategic and value fit between the company’s business and Keele University’s teaching and research areas;
  • High growth and employment potential of the business;
  • Intention and commitment to develop ongoing collaborative relationships with Keele University through accessing and making use of our research expertise and student base (e.g. student placements, dissertation projects) to support development and growth of your business;
  • Potential contribution and fit with the local economic area.

The Management Group will evaluate each enquiry against the above criteria and decide to what extent the business satisfies these. Upon review, the decision will be to either offer the business a lease or a short-term tenancy agreement, or to reject the enquiry and suggest possible alternatives. In some cases, a conditional offer may be offered to a company.