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Build a business model to win Investors and close the deal
Great business idea, fantastic pitch, lovely plan – 60% of entrepreneurs startups plans crumble under scrutiny this does not need to be your reality!

Join us for this FREE practical workshop the subject is your innovation, rebuilding your business model and your strategy to attract the right partners, suppliers, buyers and stakeholders to confidently close deals. Taking place 8.30am - 12.00 pm in the ThinkLab in the brand new Smart Innovation Hub.

Why attend this seminar?

The business model is the key to the success and failure of any ambitious business. Startup or scale-up going for funding, sourcing suppliers or pitching contracts are going to have their business model tested. Yes, it will be built upon a researched business plan, financial forecast and a three-year strategy. But external partners love to poke holes in business plans and pitches – with entrepreneurs being soft targets.

How confident are you that your business model can handle detailed scrutiny?

This practical workshop will focus on your business model and the ecosystem around it that supports your goals. Through a very structured approach, you will be lead through the process to uncover the hidden dangers, weakest links and soft spots in your plan – in a friendly and constructive manner.

In this session, you will :

- Learn how investors assess your business model

- Begin to rebuild an attractive investable proposition

- Earn real confidence in preparation for any pitch

Business Schools and enterprise accelerators assume a ‘rational world’ in their teaching. The reality of business does not respect this perspective. The seminar is built on real-world experience of building businesses, with all the challenges of raising funds and closing the deals that matter. It will be fun, intensive and very worthwhile.

About the speaker

Assim Ishaque is an award-winning inventor who has won numerous pitches and millions of Euros for his projects. But more importantly, he has learned painful lessons through many business failures despite extensive business training. He’s on a mission to teach entrepreneurs about the reality of the business journey to protect them from similar pain. Learn from his experience rather than making your own costly failures.

Assim Ishaque started his career with HSBC after studying Accounting, Finance and Banking, after which he moved in a sales career in consumer goods and then telecoms. He established his sustainability consultancy 18 years ago focussing on low carbon and sustainability in buildings for corporate, government clients and billionaire property moguls. Assim was commissioned to advise on multimillion euro projects for cleantech entrepreneurs in Europe. With his insight in energy efficiency, Assim invented two patented products, raised over £1million and took them from concept to revenue generation.

He is currently commercialising research work with academics at Birmingham City University in health tech, digital platforms, urban transition and academic consultancy projects.

He recently established The Entrepreneurs Trust to share the truth about being an entrepreneur. He also advises innovation-driven enterprises in their scale-up journey and delivers unique entrepreneurial seminars with leading accelerators.

Places are limited and issued on a first come first served basis please use booking link at the bottom of the page

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