Radiopharmaceutical facility

Alliance Medical has four fully licensed radiopharmaceutical production units (RPUs) that supply radiopharmaceuticals to PET (positron emission tomography) imaging centres across the UK, one of which is located next to IC1 and IC2 at Keele University Science and Innovation Park.

Alliance Medical building

Alliance has the UK's largest network of PET RPUs, ensuring reliability of supply to their customers. Their facilities at Keele, as well as in Preston and Sutton, trade as Alliance Medical Radiopharmacy Ltd (they also trade from their Guildford facility as Alliance Medical Molecular Imaging Ltd).

Because of the short half-life (~2hrs) of the most commonly used radiopharmaceutical, 18F- Fludeoxyglucose, it is necessary to have this product manufactured relatively close to the point of usage, and ideally within three hours of the ‘consuming’ hospital or patient.  Their RPU at Keele was commissioned and licensed in 2005 and now routinely supplies radiopharmaceuticals to PET imaging centres in the North, Midlands and Wales.

Alliance Medical Radiopharmacy Ltd, Keele University Science and Innovation Park, Keele, Staffordshire ST5 5BX