Business to business mentoring from student start-up

Student start-up who specialise in mentoring software expand their reach in creating project company that connects start-ups to more established businesses for advice.

Student start-up Indigo mentoring, who are based in the Smart Innovation Hub (SIH) on Keele University’s campus, set out with a goal of creating bespoke peer mentoring software designed to ensure that everyone has somewhere to turn to for help. The company began by creating the project Tyfy, which is a successful mentoring platform for early year university students to connect with later year students.

Since being located at Keele, the company have taken full advantage of the collaborative space in the Smart Innovation Hub and have also participated in the bespoke support programmes offered by the University. This includes the New Enterprise Bootcamp, aimed at supporting businesses in their infancy to nurture their skills necessary to strengthen their product or service, and also the Keele Research and Innovation Support Programme (KRISP).

Emily Goodwin, Marketing Director at Indigo Mentoring said: “To be located at Keele has presented us with a wealth of opportunities, it’s been great to connect with other businesses in the SIH and take part in the programmes, which has really helped move our business forward.

"Connecting with other businesses is so important, as a start-up. You can really benefit from learning from older businesses who are experienced in a set area. Seeing these benefits of collaboration led us to create Ladder Tech which is platform to allow start-ups to connect with longer standing businesses for support.”

As part of the launch of the business-to-business mentoring platform, Ladder Tech is running at a free trial all business who sign up. Experienced businesses and early stage SMEs can access free advice connecting with lawyers, accountants, marketing consultants, graphic designers and many more, across the UK.

Emily Added: “We have had a great reaction from the business community so far and have a number of start-ups onboard along with businesses ready to give advice from a variety of sectors.

“Businesses have commented on the value of giving advice and forming collaborative business relationships with innovative companies. Given the economic climate as companies are looking to innovate and potentially pivot business models following the Covid-19 pandemic, now is a great time to share ideas in areas that start-up’s may be less familiar with.”

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