Augmented reality business discover benefits to Keele Internships

ELearning and virtual and augmented reality-based business, Enlighten, have discovered the significant benefits of Keele Internships, thanks to Santander funding.

Enlighten have 40 years’ experience and are an industry leader in eLearning, providing cost-effective, diverse and environmentally friendly solutions for staff and learner development. They produce standardised and sustainable approaches to learner resources through engaging and informative ways, including virtual and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

With Santander funding, Keele students are allocated 70 hours of paid work. Santander Universities funding, has a wealth of experience and success in supporting universities and SMEs in local areas.

Steve Wileman, Head of Technology and Development Chief Executive Officer at Enlighten, said: “By taking an intern from Keele University who was already adept at writing clear and concise reports, we identified we would have additional capacity within our organisation to develop a comprehensive business strategy report, enabling the company to make more informed decisions for long-term benefit.”

Lewis Gordon, Keele University student who finished his MPhil in Philosophy this year, joined Enlighten through Keele Internships to assist with research and communications.

Steve explained the value added to the company by the project: “The project work Lewis completed was critical to our longer-term trajectory. Lewis provided in-depth research into AR business verticals and created social media campaigns, which helped to increase our social media.

Steve added: “We have found the internship experience to be a very valuable support mechanism for our company and we would like to maintain and grow our internship programmes year-on-year. I would urge any company to give an intern a chance to support their business. They could make a significant impact on the business like Lewis did.”

Keele Internship team asked Lewis about his time at Enlighten, he said: “The project completed at Enlighten has been great, it was an opportunity to apply knowledge learnt throughout my time at Keele into a business first hand. I worked on a number of reports simultaneously and to deadlines which has been usefully skills for the future and has enhanced my CV. I have fond memories of my time at Enlighten I would encourage any students or recent graduates to use the programmes at Keele to gain a valuable paid experience to help boost their CV”

Santander Universities funding with Keele Internships provides both businesses and students with cost effective academic and business support for growth.

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