Staffordshire IT company to benefit from Smart Energy programme

Assured Systems is a leading-edge technology company based in Stone.  The company’s computer products, assembled from components in its Staffordshire factory, are no ordinary PCs or Macs.  Their computer and display products are extremely rugged and each device is built to carry out a specific task reliably over extended periods and withstand the extremes of heat, moisture or vibration experienced in daily use.  The advertising displays on metropolitan subways, control equipment in hydroelectric power stations, LCD advertising displays on the roofs of black cabs and computers that work 300m under the sea are just a few examples of Assured System’s products. 

For Assured Systems, signing up to participate in Keele’s Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND)* proved simplicity itself.  “We met Keele University’s Marek Hornak at the Smart Energy Summit, and Marek guided us every step of the way,” says Assured System’s CEO James Priest. 

The company wants to add value to its offer by bundling specialist software to its hardware. Through the SEND project it aims to explore options to create new product lines using tailored operating systems.  Likely applications are wind turbines, solar panels and smart meters, making a perfect match with the objectives of Keele’s SEND programme.  Through the programme a dedicated Keele Associate is set to work with the company for three years.

Assured Systems anticipate significant benefits from networking with other leading-edge companies involved in SEND projects as well as drawing on the extensive expertise of the School of Computing and Mathematics at Keele University.

SEND Director, Prof. Zhong Fan, commented: "Assured Systems coming on board is great news as we want to work with quality companies across Staffordshire to ensure our Smart Energy Network Demonstrator not only sets the pattern for future smart networks, but enables local businesses to seize the huge commercial opportunities.’’

Keele University is at the forefront of smart energy networks and is seeking further partners from across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent who want to develop new products and services for smart energy networks. Companies benefit from a full-time person for research, development and innovation for three years as well as access to the University’s smart network, the expertise of University specialists, and other SEND partners. 

Interested companies should contact the University’s Business Gateway on 01782 733001 or email

For information about Assured Systems, please visit their website:

ERDF and UK Government logos *The SEND project (ref: 32R16P00706) is part-funded from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds England Growth Programme 2014-2020, and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).