Species and varieties in the National Collection of Flowering Cherries at

Keele University

Prunus speciosa

syn. Prunus 'Sandraidiga'

Prunus speciosa

Prunus speciosa

Flowers in clusters of 2-5 fls, single, 2-3 cm dia. Opening to a flat plane 5 petals. Buds slightly pink, opening white. Flowering season late April.

Young leaves are bright red-brown (RHS 166-A) to bronze-green (RHS 152-A) or fresh green. - contrasts with pinkish buds expanding to white flowers. Mature leaves show fine acute and single serration with whitish undersides.


  • One by bank between running track and houses; Compartment 56J; Square G6/H6; Tag 4089. Planted in 2008.
  • One by Media and Lennard-Jones buildings; compartment 55A, square; J7; tag 4053. Planted in 2008.
  • One in the Memorial Garden; square K11; tag 4201. Planted 2012.
  • One in the Memorial Garden; square K11; tag 4217. Planted in 2012. (originally as P. serrulata var. speciosa)