Species and varieties in the National Collection of Flowering Cherries at

Keele University

Prunus 'Kofugen' ('Fugenzo' misapplied)

(Sato-zakura Group)

Prunus 'Kofugen'

Prunus 'Kofugen'

It is a broad vase-shaped tree with flattened crown 10 m or more high and 8 m across. It may reach 15 m. Now rare in W. Europe.

Double flowers to 5 cm dia., dark pink in bud, pink-hued white (RHS 65-C, 73-C) when open.  Distinctive large purplish sepals. Pendant clusters of long-stalked 3 - 5 flowers, 4 - 5 cm dia. Opening to a flat plane with 25 to 30 or more petals pressed close to one another. It doesn’t shed its petals, rather the full flowers drop.

Flowering season late April to late May, i.e. late so tree already well foliaged.

Young foliage is coppery red (RHS 166-B), turning bronze-green (RHS 152-A) in the flowering season.


  • One by the Covert; compartment 68; square J6; tag 4065. Planted in 2008.