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Keele in the World logo 2017 International alumni are essential to the fulfilment of Keele’s strategic aims to increase diversity at our campus, to enhance the global nature of the Keele experience for staff and students, to extend opportunities for the Distinctive Keele Curriculum and to present Keele as a University with a global presence and reputation.

Keele in the World logo 2017 Keele alumni are eager to engage with one another and with the University and many choose to be part of the Keele worldwide community through our “Keele in the World" networks. The first active Keele in the World networks were launched in 2012 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary Year of the Royal Charter. Each network has or will have one or more alumni ambassadors who connect with fellow alumni to spread the word and create opportunities for alumni to be engaged, involved, asked and inspired.

Our students come from at least 159 different countries and we are in contact with alumni in 139 countries.

Keele in the World logo 2017 Keele in the World Ambassadors

Each “Keele in” network has one or more ambassadors - these are all Keele alumni invited to communicate with and energise their network. Ambassadors are encouraged to connect with fellow alumni and to help them become more involved and inspired.

Contact your Keele in the World Ambassador by e-mail here.

Note: We are not permitted give alumni ambassadors the personal contact details of alumni so your privacy is secure - messages will come to the Alumni & Development Office and forwarded to ambassadors for them respond directly.

The best way to communicate and to get together with alumni in your country is to join the social network groups listed below - LinkedIn tends to be more useful for business-related networking and Facebook is more appropriate for social networking - please join both and bring your Keele in the World network to life!


Ambassadors: Steph Austin (Oregon), William Bangert (Florida), Steve Cutts (New York), Mark Hill (California), Adam Konowe (Virginia), Neil Smith (New York)
Keele in the USA
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Keele in America operates in close collaboration with Keele in the USA Foundation
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Supporting Keele in the USA

Contributions may be made as single or regular gifts. According to the purposes and instructions of the Keele in the USA Board, American gifts may support, for example:

  • The Keele in the USA Scholarship
  • The Neil and Gina Smith Student of the Year Award
  • The Keele Key Fund

USA taxpayers: The Keele in the USA Foundation is a 501(3)(c) organization recognized by the IRS for purposes of charitable giving. Donations may be made securely online at the Keele in the USA website.

Donations may be made securely online HERE  

Checks payable to “Keele in the USA” may be mailed to Keele min the USA, 12544 High Bluff Drive, Suite 440, San Diego, CA 92130 USA ?Attn.: Treasurer

Our Plans

We are planning more Keele in the World networks in the future.

To contact your Keele in the World Ambassador direct please contact Alumni HQ

Of course, these are just the officially recognised Keele in the World networks - there are many unofficial and informal Keele alumni groups worldwide.