Physiotherapy students to take on Kilimanjaro for Dig Deep

This summer 5 Keele Physiotherapy students will be climbing the tallest free standing mountain in the world in aid of the charity Dig Deep.

Who are these brave people? Meet them below!

SHAR students

(Kilimanjaro team L to R: Mike Green, Charlotte Davies, Abby Clarkson, Dave Ferguson and Sam Bunce)

Mike Green
I am a current third year physiotherapy student who has always been involved in charity work throughout my life as well as university. In second year I was charity coordinator for the university football club and I thoroughly enjoyed raising large amounts of money for local charities to Keele. The main event was a three day cycle from Keele to Paris and as gruelling and challenging this was, I wanted to push myself further. When finding out about Dig Deep and the work they do in Kenya I instantly wanted to get involved with the cause and do anything I could do to help. Unfortunately this lead to me shaving my full head of hair live in the Students Union.

Charlotte Davies
I am a second year Physiotherapy student at Keele university. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Tanzania in the summer of 2014. Having worked with the local people from building schools and helping with sustainable businesses I have gained a love and affinity for the country and their people. From the moment I left I knew I wanted to return and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro seemed to be the perfect opportunity. I hope that as well as testing myself that I can transform many lives through the amazing charity Dig Deep. Having already seen the effect of what a lack of water can do to an already impoverished country it makes the challenge of climbing this rather big mountain phenomenally rewarding and also exciting. I can’t wait for the upcoming adventure and positive impacts it will have on those who can truly appreciate it.

Abby Clarkson
I have always taken for granted, the schooling and education that has given me the opportunity to go to Keele university and follow my chosen career of physiotherapy. In the summer of 2018, a team of students and I at Keele University will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of the charity ‘Dig Deep’. Our target is to raise £23,000 (£1,500 per student). The charity provides taps, toilets and training to schools and communities in Kenya. The water retaining systems built by Dig Deep provide a sustainable water source throughout the year and the latrines/toilets they build in schools provide children with a safe, hygienic and private space to go to the toilet. While this sounds simple, it has a huge impact on children’s health and school attendance, particularly for teenage girls.
Teenage girls being deprived of an education is simply unacceptable to me and something that I have to help change. I have somewhat taken for granted the modern privileges of a constantly sanitary and hygienic environment. I strongly feel for those that are lacking an education, an education that I have been lucky enough to have. I value this opportunity to make a difference and this chance to fundraise for such a worthy cause. Hopefully through influential contacts such as yourselves, we can make a change together, since I am willing to put in all the effort that I can give towards this. I aim to encourage as many people as possible to jump on board with my fundraising!

Through sponsoring me, 90 more kids in Kenya will have the relief and joy that clean water brings to these communities.

Sam Bunce
I am currently in second year at Keele and have joined a group of students, including several fellow Keele men’s rugby players, who will be climbing Kilimanjaro this summer. From a young age I have climbed various mountains In England, but I have never taken on a challenge this big before. Therefore, when hearing about this challenge, I leapt to the opportunity to climb and represent a charity doing amazing things. The works of the Charity are close to my heart, as a child I visited South Africa and worked closely with communities, building homes and water systems. I am looking forward to the prospect of the physical challenge and the challenge of fundraising towards this great cause.

Dave Ferguson
I am a 3rd year Physio student of Keele university. I have never taken part in many charity events before or climbed many mountains before. Being quite ambitious, I have decided for my first charity fundraising expedition to go for a difficult challenge and climb kilimanjaro whilst raising money for an amazing cause. I am looking forward to organising and taking part in many events to raise money for charity (one of which is getting my body waxed) and then going to Africa to take on the world's largest freestanding mountain. I also feel that this challenge will help me build strong character within myself while helping me gain some great life experience with a great bunch of people.

Dig Deep supply water and sanitation to families and communities in Kenya. If you'd like to support the group with a sponsorship contribution please visit the fundraising page.

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