Be Inspired by SAHP Alumni

Pondering on your next steps after graduation? Be inspired by enterprising SAHP alumni Khiloni Shikotra‌.  

Khiloni Shikotra, completed her undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy at Keele University in 2016. Now based in Kenya, she has launched her own social media channel 'Khiloni's Physio Plus' on Facebook and YouTube.

Khiloni Shikotra

Khiloni's aim is to utilise social media to allow the general public to identify and understand treatments that may be available to them for conditions that are highly common. Her recent posts include: early signs and symptoms of a stroke, dry needling for referred pain patterns and recoveries after operations.

Khiloni Shikotra

Aiming to provide a platform not only for Physiotherapists but also to include Occupational Therapists, Doctors, Nutritionists, Nurses and other medical professionals in the region. Khiloni intends to provide the general public with a free service that provides a range of ideas and best practices, educational videos, posters and forums.

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