Shradha Naveen

Hi, my name is Shradha Naveen and I’m a second year Environment and Sustainability student. I wanted to live at the bungalow because I thought it was an excellent opportunity to put into practice what I was learning in my course. My interests lie in the scientific and more practical side of the course, therefore this project really appealed to my interests. Living at the bungalow I hope to increase the conversations happening on campus by the students about sustainability and give the university a reason to change other student halls and make them more sustainable too. 

Anaa Anaa Hassan

I am a 2nd year Environment and Sustainability student. I enjoy the interdisciplinary approach of this course and in particular, the social science aspects of it such as environmental politics. I heard about this amazing project as part of my induction to the course. I wanted to be a part of this, as it would give me a hands on experience on a lot of things that we learn in class such as organic gardening and managing waste. Additionally, through this project I hope to learn new ways to live a more sustainable life and look forward to further enhance the project through more innovative green technologies.

Mike Lunn-Parsons

I'm Mike. I'm a second year Politics student. I became involved with the project in my first year and loved it. I hope to extend the concept of sustainability in to every aspect of my life and get to the point where I am self-sufficient with food and the Bungalow is the perfect place for me to start.