Staff led projects

In 2015 'Green' was a theme of the Keele Universities 'Be More' weeks supported by the Green:Keele team. Two weeks of events put on for students after exams to provide additional skills development and fun.

In 2013 Green Keele teamed up with the Universities Curriculum Development and Student Learning team to provide 'sustainability themed' subject specific skills development training sessions.

Student led projects

The Sustainable student house is a project devised and led by students. Four students from the BSc Environment and Sustainability programme asked the University for the opportunity to live in a house on campus to turn the house into an ‘exemplar of sustainable student living’ and ‘to live what they are learning’. The students have established raised vegetable beds, and made many other changes to the house and their lifestyles to try and live more sustainably and encourage other students to do the same. Four new ‘housemates’ carry the project on every year.

Student Eats is an initiative funded by the National Union of Students (NUS) to support universities and colleges across the UK in cultivating their own student-led growing sites for fruit and vegetables. Students at Keele have access to a food growing site and have weekly meetings to get together and develop their skills.

Think:Green (Keele in Transition) began in 2014, it was a student-led service at KeeleSU. Think:Green made it easierfor other students to become more sustainable,  by running regular clothes swapping events, Great Donate, Student Eats and VegSoc. The society also put pressure on the University to improve their performance. It enabled students to lead on projects that they feel passionate about, giving a platform for students to work on ideas and collaborate with different people and departments from around the university and KeeleSU. 

In 2014, students launched the Keele Food Co-op. Students, staff and local residents are encouraged to buy locally produced and organic vegetables, fruit and other products at a low price to promote sustainable, healthy eating options. The ideas of the Keele Food Co-op then inspired the creation of the Weigh to Go zero waste shop.

K:Swap, was a student-led project launched in 2014 to encourage the Keele community to recycle and reuse items instead of disposing of them. Students, staff and local residents are welcome to bring on their unwanted clothes, books, accessories and swap them, therefore reusing items and reducing waste. Now, the efforts have been adopted by the Great Donate.

Other opportunities are offered by the Students' Union suite of sustainability activity.