Scott Reid ‌Scott Reid
Scott is a third year Environment and Sustainability BSc student with an interest in the social sciences and in particular the greening of business. His third year dissertation title is ‘How do public perceptions of local authorities affect the implementation of environmental policies? A case study of Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council in North Staffordshire'. He chose this title for his dissertation following a period of work experience at Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, where he noticed varying perceptions of local authority and the effects of these perceptions on implementation of environmental policies.


Carl Carl Brindley
Carl is a second year Environment and sustainability BSc student with an interest in sustainable architecture, specifically ‘arcology’ a portmanteau of the words architecture and ecology used to describe a set of design principles that look toward urban ecological sustainability in a globalised world, via sustainable structures with extremely high population density.  He enjoys gardening, reading and philosophy.


James Adams James Adams
James, like the rest of the group is an environment and sustainability student in his second year. Within the project he is in charge of all data and financial book keeping. His interests within sustainability lie in clean technologies and environmental problem solving, whether it’s political or infrastructural. At Keele, James is a member of Keele environmental group and has helped design and produce online tools for students studying subjects of an interdisciplinary nature. After graduating, he hopes to pursue a career in environmental building consultancy or emerging green technologies.


Jack Mills Davidson ‌Jack Mills Davidson
Jack is a second year Environment and Sustainability BSc student and leads the projects communications and publications, writing for Concourse Magazine, updating the blog, website and twitter, whilst engaging with local and national media.  He is passionate about global issues and social justice, is skilled in sales and pursuing projects to completion.  He enjoys work teaching English to speakers of other languages and in his spare time paragliding, mountain biking and playing the harmonica.