Robin Hadley

Phone: 0784 217 9785 (research project-only mobile)
Location: Centre for Social Gerontology
Role: PhD Candidate (year 3)

Robin’s previous career included roles as a deputy technical manager and scientific and technical photographer for The University of Manchester. Robin changed careers and his training as a counsellor led him to research into the desire for fatherhood in involuntarily childless men as part of his MA at The University of Manchester. He then followed this up with a self-funded MSc exploring the levels of broodiness in females and males, parents and non-parents.  Both these pieces of research have been used as the basis of a play, ‘The Broody Boys’, by the Australian actor/writer/producer Alan Hopgood. Robin is now undertaking a PhD, which explores the lives of involuntarily childless older men. Dr Mo Ray and Dr Emma Head supervise Robin.

Robin is a student member of both the British Sociological Association and the British Society for Gerontology.


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