With its long-standing reputation in multidisciplinary education, Keele University provides the opportunity to study a number of subjects from the Natural Sciences in various combinations. The ensuing multidisciplinary programmes provide the opportunity to engage with the latest research developments and innovations, to develop a diverse portfolio of scientific skills, and to consider the interdisciplinary nature of many scientific issues of relevance to both our sustainable development and our quality of life.

With their multidisciplinary backgrounds, Natural Sciences graduates are highly regarded by employers and are well qualified for a wide variety of careers within science-based industries, the commercial sector, media and education.

chemistry 90x90 Chemistry

An excellent reputation for innovative developments in teaching and learning and for its contribution to the public understanding of science.

Books 90px 2 School of Computing and Mathematics We currently offer 5 undergraduate programmes and 4 postgraduate. We are highly rated in a number of research fields. ESG 90x90 Geography, Geology and Environment

High quality education and vocational training within the geosciences and geography and  internationally recognized research.

forensics 90x90 Forensic Science A broad scientific education, with specialist understanding in particular areas  complemented by excellent data analysis, reporting and communication skills. School of Life Sciences Undergraduate courses in Biology, Human Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, NeuroScience as well as postgraduate training. AstroPhys 90x90 Physics and Astrophysics

High quality educational programmes which can be read as dual or (for some combinations) major honours. Internationally recognised astrophysics research.

SPGS 90x90 School of Physical and Geographical Sciences

The school encompasses Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences and Geography, Forensic Science, Physics and Astrophysics.

Postgraduate Picture School of Psychology

Various Psychology degree combinations all approved by the British Psychological Society and a range of exciting MSc programmes.