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The Keele University Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) – a European first, is an at scale environment providing a platform that allows energy generation, distribution, storage, forecasting and energy balancing to be intelligently carried out across different energy sources using the Keele University campus as a genuine ‘living laboratory.’

The SEND will deliver better energy management, reduce reliance on fossil-fuel derived energy, significantly reducing energy waste and provide the opportunity to trial innovative ways of energy use and management.

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The Smart Energy Network Demonstrator, often referred to as SEND, is Europe's largest demonstration of smart energy networks. Its primary goal is to transform the entire campus into a real-life laboratory for testing and implementing smart and low-carbon energy technologies. This initiative aims to optimize energy usage, making it both intelligent and efficient.

Keele University, with its 12,000 students, 2,000 staff members, and 350 multi-purpose buildings, serves as an ideal model for future low-carbon societies, especially for small towns or cities. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are key components utilized within SEND to enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

SEND integrates seamlessly with Keele's on-campus low-carbon energy generation park, which boasts 12,500 solar panels, two large wind turbines, and a substantial industrial-sized storage battery. This integration allows the renewable energy generated on campus to be utilized efficiently, further reducing carbon emissions.

SEND's impact on Keele has been profound. It has significantly contributed to achieving ambitious carbon reduction targets and has propelled research and innovation efforts related to smart energy. Collaboration with Keele University has enabled the practical application of technologies outside the laboratory, proving their effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

SEND serves as a guiding light and a symbol of what the future holds in terms of sustainability. These technologies offer choices that can lower energy costs, promote the use of low-carbon energy sources, and reduce dependence on oil, gas, and other high-carbon technologies. As Europe's largest Smart Energy Network Demonstrator, it has garnered significant attention for Keele University, highlighting its leadership in cutting-edge smart energy technology.