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Keele University Science & Innovation Park 

Built for start-ups to large multinational businesses looking to re-locate the Park offers companies a business environment that provides an innovative research culture, combines with academic expertise and the University's specialist resources. Built for start-ups to large multinational businesses 

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  • In 2017, we made the move to the Science Park, and it checked all the boxes for us. The office spaces are fantastic, and it provided us with an opportunity to collaborate closely with the university.
  • As a small company, there's a constant need for expertise and support. Being here has made it incredibly convenient to access these resources, eliminating the need to search for them independently.
  • Being in this environment is expected to facilitate networking and expand our professional connections. We also anticipate increased communication with other organizations, possibly leading to new partnerships and further growth on this campus.
  • One morning, while grabbing a cup of coffee, we had the chance to meet one of the directors of Indigo Mentoring. That casual encounter eventually led to the formation of a joint venture, and since then, our growth has been remarkable.
  • The business has experienced tremendous growth over the past three years. More importantly, it has allowed us to foster strong relationships with the university. They actively collaborate with us on various projects, providing valuable research support.
  • The Keele package available at the Smart Innovation Hub offers a wide range of benefits, including connections, access to research, and resources that were previously unknown to us.
  • Being close to a pool of talented young individuals in terms of potential workforce is truly exceptional.
  • The bright and open environment encourages an innovative mindset, fostering a culture of innovation.
  • The location is ideal, with easy access to the motorway, making it highly convenient for us.
  • The surroundings, with trees and greenery, infuse the site with an energetic atmosphere.
  • The Smart Innovation Hub was the primary draw for me to this location. Knowing that other organizations and companies are here, offering opportunities for networking and potential partnerships, was a major attraction.
  • The Science Park is continuously evolving and growing, with ongoing construction projects. This dynamic environment is something we truly appreciate about the Science Park itself.

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