Video transcript for "Creating the leaders of tomorrow with our Senior Leader Apprenticeship programme"

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Introducing Senior Leader Apprentice Jane Galvez and Programme Lead Dr Moshood Bello.

I'm Jane Galvez, and I run an HR consultancy based in Litchfield. Currently, I'm enrolled in the Senior Leader apprenticeship program. I decided to pursue this program because I believed it would be beneficial for both my personal development and my business.

I'm Moshood Bello, a lecturer at Keele University Business School. Upon completing the program, our participants receive an MBA qualification, which is a level seven qualification. Throughout the program, we guide them in understanding the various dynamics of the business environment, whether it's within a charity organization, a not-for-profit entity, or a for-profit company.

One of the first things I learned was to examine the type of leader I am, which involved a lot of introspection. I also reevaluated the vision and values of my business, which were already in place. However, after the program's session, I realized the need to revisit and refine them. I shared the revised vision and values with everyone and received a much more positive response; it truly reflected who we are.

Participating in such a program transforms our graduates into critical and analytical thinkers, reflective practitioners, and hands-on strategic leaders. It encourages us to deeply understand the reasons behind our actions and to constantly evaluate our decisions. As we progress, we take notes and make adjustments based on our newfound knowledge. The program's assignments are particularly valuable because they align with the real-life activities I'm currently undertaking, making the learning experience practical and relevant.