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Nursing at Keele offers you the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives. Our programmes in Adult, Children’s and Mental Health nursing will help develop the essential skills you will need to become a confident nursing professional. You’ll gain key nursing knowledge and clinical practice experience in our superb clinical simulation facilities and placement settings so you can pursue diverse career opportunities in the field of nursing.

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In this video our students and staff share their personal experiences of studying at Keele. This video was filmed in November 2023 – experiences and opportunities may vary for future years.

I think what appeals most to me about nursing is the chance to make small differences to everyone's lives every day. That makes them feel more cared for, makes them feel better about themselves, and hopefully gets them to health quicker. 
As a mature student I needed something that was central for my family and also that gave me the experience I was looking for and Keele ticked all the boxes I'd got. 
I especially with having the distance for traveling in terms of going on placements when we were in what we were experiencing whilst we were on campus so really Keele had everything that I needed to accommodate both my learning and my family. 
We offer a BSc nursing program, which is a three year undergraduate degree program, and we offer it across adult nursing, children's nursing, and also mental health field of nursing. Within those fields there are very different requirements that nurses need to acquire knowledge, skills and behaviors that are specific to age groups, disease processes. 
So our programs are tailored to be able to equip our students and our learners with the knowledge, skills and behaviors to meet the needs of the general population. 
I think for me, one of the facilities I've enjoyed the most is the CEC. The clinical skills that we have there, the sessions we have that because you're able to know you're confident in a skill before you go out and practice it and make sure any questions that you have, you’re with a comfortable enough person to ask whoever the lecturer is that day, ask them any sort of queries, any sort issues, you having with that skill, so when you go out on placement, you're confident enough doing that skill. 
What appeals to me most about the nursing course is being able to be directly involved in the process about delivering care, being able to carry the skills of learned in class in theory and being able to apply practically is one of the things that I really look forward to. 
A really important part of learning to become a professional is to have and exposure to real life experiences that helps people to again develop that professional concept, have an understanding of professional values, how to work and communicate and develop enhanced communication skills, to have therapeutic relationships.  
That also makes our learners highly employable upon qualification. So if you've had those real life experiences, you've been able to practice a range of skills then you're highly employable as an end result because you're ready to go and hit the ground running as a newly qualified staff nurse.