This is Keele School of Law

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In this video our students and staff share their personal experiences of studying Law at Keele. This video was filmed in May 2023 – experiences and opportunities may vary for future years.

I would say the best thing about studying or at Keele is the quality of the teaching we get, all of our lecturers
are expert academics in their field they are clearly very passionate about the subject in which they teach and I think that that really enables us as students to feel the sort of the energy the passion that they feel for their their area of Law and to translate that into our studies.

The law community at Keele is incredibly friendly, I've been to many events either through the Law Society or arranged through the law school that I've both found incredibly helpful and also quite fun. I think I chose Law at Keele because I like the community, when I came on the open day everyone was very open, everyone wanted to have a chat with you, everyone wanted to get to know you so Ithink that really made an impact on me, and I went - this is where I want to be.

I'm part of the legal advice Clinic I work in the divorce clinic at Keele which is um a free legal advice Clinic that people can come to and we help them sort of process their divorce and file some proceedings and communicate with ex partners and lawyers.

Students have the opportunity to focus on issues relating to social justice and inclusion and you can see that through our critical offerings around gender, sexuality, disability, but you also have the opportunity to take part in lots of
practice-based activities like our law clinics.

Study at Keele has taught me that there are still many opportunities still available even for somebody of my senior
years to come into law at this time of life so I think it's really important to say that it's it's not about the destination it's the journey. To anyone who wants to think about studying law at Keele don't think about it anymore just come and do it because it's the best place to study law if you want to be the best lawyer you can be and the best environment that you can be in to stretch yourself mentally then this is the place to do that.