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Studying Forensic Science at Keele will help you to develop the knowledge, analytical skills, methods and techniques to enter a rewarding science-based career in a variety of sectors. Develop your practical and professional skills in our indoor and outdoor crime scene facilities, and use a wide variety of industry-standard instrumentation in Keele's state-of-the-art Central Science Laboratories.

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In this video our students and staff share their personal experiences of studying at Keele. This video was filmed in May 2023 – experiences and opportunities may vary for future years.

I would highly recommend studying forensic science at Keele University. The range of subjects you'll learn by studying forensics here is not limited, and this diversity is one of the reasons I chose Keele. It's not solely focused on biology or chemistry; it offers a little bit of everything. Forensics incorporates these subjects in a practical and applicable way.

Studying at Keele has taught me how to excel in various areas, including academic writing, teamwork, and good laboratory practice. Forensic science encompasses elements of forensic chemistry, forensic biology, physics, criminalistics, law, CSI, and even anthropology and human anatomy. It's an incredibly diverse field, which is reflected in our department's culture and staff profile at Keele.

The careers in forensic science are incredibly broad, with numerous avenues to explore. Our multidisciplinary approach prepares you for various roles, whether you're working in a lab facility, as a service provider, a reporting officer, or a CSI on the front line. We offer modules covering crime scene practicals and the theory behind different crime scenes you may encounter, giving you the confidence to approach a crime scene independently.

I believe I've gained the necessary skills for a successful career after leaving university. Everything I've learned is valuable, and I've also developed critical thinking and analytical skills that can be applied in any profession.

What's beautiful about Keele is that, being a large campus with ample outdoor space and land, many students and staff members live on campus, creating a strong sense of community. If you're considering coming to Keele, I highly recommend booking an open day or a visit. Seeing the facilities and exploring the grounds will hopefully leave you as impressed as I was when I first visited.