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[Uplifting background music throughout]

This is Keele. This is heritage. This is tradition. This is the blueprint for modern universities. This is innovation, inspiration, freedom to think. This is squirrels, dragons, "Ey up duck". This is a place to live and learn. This is where students thrive. This is Britain's best university. This is 96% graduate employment. This is 100,000 graduates in 120 countries. This is leading community regeneration. This is boosting the local creative community, driving the regional economy, supporting hundreds of local businesses. This is 50 innovative businesses based on campus. This is landmark innovation with the NHS, 5,000 Keele nurses on the NHS frontline, 180 Keele academics working in local hospitals. This is improving global health, and food security. This is planet discovering, planet saving. This is generating up to 50% of our campus electricity. This is pioneering green technology. This is saving 4,000 tonnes of CO2 every year. This is leading the hydrogen revolution. This is global sustainability institution of the year. This is global impact, making a difference. This is Keele.