Officers of the KPA

Keele Research Association / Keele Postgraduate Association

The KRA was founded in 1961 and moved from its original common room on the second floor of Keele Hall  to the cellar of Keele Hall ("the Gun Room") and finally as the KPA in its own Clubhouse ("the Kipper") by Horwood in 1994.

  Known President, Chair or Equivalent
1961-62 Founding KRA President: Christopher Panton
1978-79 KRA Secretary: MIke Baldock
1979-80 Tony Rowan
1990-91 Gordon Appleton
1993-94 Matthew Hocking
1994-95 Matthew Hocking
1995-96 Ross English
1996-97 Tim Murithi
1997-98 Terry O'Neill
1998-99 Matt Woods
1999-00 Stuart Clarke 
2001-02 Dave Meredith
2002-03 Dave Collins
2003-04 Lucy Michael, Kathryn Hague
2004-05 Ed Collins
2005-06 Michelle Stewart, David Thurkettle
2006-07 Ian Dublon
2007-08 Rohee Dasgupta
2008-09 Lauren Fuzi
2009-10 Lyndsey O'Connell
2010-11 Tim Hinchcliffe
2011-12 Oliver Wakefield, Andy Irwin
2012-13 Andy Irwin
2013-14 Lisa Ironside
2014-15 Jon Granger
2015-16 Jon Granger,  VP Adam Hughes
2016-17 Rob Meredith, VP Ieuan "Joe" Smith
2017-18 Ieuan "Joe" Smith, VP George Blake

UCNS Principal's Trunk Left: One of the heirlooms in the KPA Clubhouse. The trunk of the Founding Principal of the University College of North Staffordshire.

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