Naming names - Keele in Class Photographs

Most Keelites have appeared at some point in a "Class Photograph" - in the earliest days, these featured the entire student body but gradually as the university has expanded they have depicted particular years or Schools or Cohorts.

After the Pioneers' Reunion in 2010, two Keele alumni - Tony Budd (1963) and Jill Budd (Garnett) (1963) initiated a mammoth task to identify the names and faces from panoramic photos around their era of 1959 -1963. These can be accessed at their Panoramic Photographs webpage below. You can update names and faces and send in more information at that website.

We hope to develop this initiative further with more Class Photos from different Keele eras - if you have a quality photo and you are happy to be the coordinator to collect information for that photo please contact the Alumni team.

Below: University College of North Staffordshire at Keele, 1952-1953

Class Photo UCNS 1952-1953 Smaller


  • Click Here on Panoramic Photographs to visit Tony and Jill's website. You may have to "Follow link" to bring the website up or type in photo-whos-who after the uual preamble into your browser. 
  • On the website there are four strips of panoramic photos divided into sections. If you click on one of the sections it should fill the window.
  • You can move to the next one to the left or right in the same panoramic photo by clicking on the arrows (< and >) outside the photo section, or return to the initial window by clicking on the "Back to main photos" wording underneath the photo section.
  • If you hover the pointer over a face on any photo section it should come up with the information and/or the request for information, and then clicking on the face should get a form to complete with new information.
  • When you've completed as much of the form as you can, just click on "Send" and a confirmation window will open with a "Thank You - click here to return to the photo" message at the top.
  • If you do complete a form, please enter your own name and email address or it is impossible to get back in touch for further queries or any problems.