Books about Keele

Keele: An Historical Critique by Sir James Frederick Mountford, published by Routledge 1972. (ISBN 0710072376) out of Print.

Keele: The First Fifty Years - A Portrait of the University 1950-2000 by John M Kolbert, published by Melandrium Books (ISBN 1 85856 238 4) out of print.

The Sneyds: Squires of Keele Historical Pamphlet by J. M. Kolbert*

The Sneyds & Keele Hall Historical Pamphlet by J. M. Kolbert*

Keele Hall; a Victorian country house Historical Pamphlet by J.M. Kolbert*

Off the Record; a people's history of Keele by Angela Drakakis-Smith, published by Churnet Valley Books (ISBN 1-897949-21-9)

Keele: An Introduction. Pamphlet by Michael Paffard (ISBN 0 9534157 0 8)

The Child that Books Built by Francis Spufford, Faber & Faber (ISBN 0-571-19132-0)

Never Oppressed, Never Oppressor: the Sneyds of Staffordshire; a gentry family from 1600 to 1900 by Michael Ralph Sneyd (Huddersfield, Hilltop, 2003. ISBN 090526231X)

Essays on the History of Keele edited by CJ Harrison), published by University of Keele 1986 (ISBN 0900770694) out of Print.

* Obtainable from Keele University Library


First Decade: the Origins of Keele University (1949-1962) - DVD and CD. "By Keele alumni, for alumni"

A Coming of Age: Continuity and Change (1962-1973) - DVD and CD. "By Keele alumni, for alumni"