Officers of the Athletic Union

The senior elected officers of the Athletic Union were originally known as the President and Lady President, and later as the President and Vice-President.

Every day students walk past the Brian Stokes memorial by the Chancellor's Building, and perhaps wonder, "Who was Brian Stokes?"

Brian Stokes Memorial The Keele Oral History Project Brian Stokes (1929-1999) was a Founding Graduate of the Class of 1954 - one of 157 students who first crossed Keele's threshold in 1950. He was the founding President of the Athletic Union and a founder member of the Keele Society, which represents all Keele alumni. He had a distinguished career but we remember him most for his lifelong service to Keele, including many years as a member of the University Council.

1950-1951 Brian Stokes & Rosamund Robson
1951-1952 Arthur Richardson & Rosamund Robson
1952-1953 Arthur Richardson & Rosamund Robson
1953-1954 Arthur Richardson & Enid Felix-Williams
1954-1955 Derek Woodward & Pamela Woodward
1955-1956 Ray Fooks & Ruth Vaughan
1956-1957 Tony Tindall & Kathlyn Huke
1957-1958 David Kerry & Pam Maddock
1958-1959 Jim Pierce & Joan Wallace
1959-1960 David Yates & Jennifer Keys
1960-1961 Jim Rushton & Maureen Harrop
1961-1962 Chris Powell-Evans & Sheilah Cresswell‌
1932-1963 Tudor Jones & Melian Bordes
1963-1964 Phil Heseltine & Megan Croxon
1964-1965 Graham Daborn & Kathleen Baily
1965-1966 Roger Bayes & Barbara McCubbin
1966-1967 Jock Finlay & Sue Pettigrew
1967-1968 Dick Blackett & Sandra Jones
1968-1969 Mike Perkins & Barbara Upton
1969-1970 Tony Brooks, Peter Crockford & Barbara Colley
1970-1971 Eileen Lennox & Bob Hudson
1971-1972 Chris Farmer & Helen Blundell
1972-1973 Ian Ace & Liz Clarke
1973-1974 Robin Ware & Dawn Rose
1974-1975 Dave Bevis & Anne Lennell
1975-1976 Malcolm McBride & Heather Mills
1976-1977 Tony Adcock & Jane Hepburn
1977-1978 Neil Smith & Carole Brotherton
1978-1979 Susan Gregory, Gwyn Williams & Gill Wroe
1979-1980 Simon Wynn & Gill Wroe
1980-1981 Stephen Bailey & Caroline Johnson
1981-1982 Phil Avery & Jacki Crockett
1982-1983 Francis Bacon & Angela Scurfield
1983-1984 Ray Tully & Jo Barry
1984-1985 Nick Reddish & Helen Ward
1985-1986 Peter Rhodes & Yvette Graham
1986-1987 David Faram & Julie Dent
1987-1988 Simon O’Leary & Nicki Martienssen
1988-1989 Ian Simkins & Julie Harrison
1989-1990 Hank Dixon & Hayley Moffat
1990-1991 Nick Jones & Shelley Ruddell
1991-1992 Paul Ramsden & Denise Lyons
1992-1993 Jamie Aitchison & Liz Wood
1993-1994 Liz Wood & Jeannette Baxter
1994-1995 Briony Towner & Clare Cunningham
1995-1996 Clare Cunningham & Emma Tovell
1996-1997 Neil Emmerson & Greg Mutimer
1997-1998 Rob Graham & Alex Probyn
1998-1999 Andy Miller & Shauna Hamilton
1999-2000 Gareth Davies & Dawn Williams
2000-2001 Steve Drane & Lucy Abel
2001-2002 Tim Quy & Briony Seymour
2002-2003 Sue Row & Alison Peacock
2003-2004 Adrian Dwyer & Jody Aldridge
2004-2005 Richard Artus & Tom Miller
2005-2006 Tom Pearson & Mark Waring
2006-2007 Chris Cason & Georgina Faun
2007-2008 Manny Purewal & Rich Hill
2008-2009 Roger Weston & Sonia Douz
2009-2010 Sonia Douz & Scott Little
2010--2011 Tom Walker & Emily Strickland
2011-2012  Jordan Grimshaw & Rachel Hodkinson
2012-2013    Rachel Hodkinson & Joe Baker  
2013-2014 Joe Baker & Dan Brundrett
2014-2015 Lucy O'Dwyer & Tario Ahlers, Maddison Blazeby 
2015-2016  Nick Reeves & Adrian Craig
2016-2017   Meghan Harrison & Nathan Slater
2017-2018 Meghan Harrison & Ellen Petrie
2018-2019 Amy Holden & Jordan Hayman

Making history

The very first match of the Keele Soccer First XI was University College of North Staffordshire versus Birmingham (away as Keele had no pitch) in October 1950.

Soccer First XI 1950-1952 The Keele Oral History Project Photo right: The first Soccer First XI 1950-1951

Back: Bryan Saunders, John Gregory, Len Woodford (GK), Mike Fox, Jim Preston, Harold Pearson

Front: Fred Hughes, David Thompson, John Thomas (Captain), Eddie Derbyshire, John Hilton

First Tennis Team 1951 The Keele Oral History Project Photo right: The First Tennis Team 1950-1951

Back: ? Underwood, Bryan Saunders, Reg Ward, Geoff Little

Front: Len Woodford, John Lloyd, Brian Lawton

Tennis photo provided by Founding Graduate Reg Ward (1954)

1951-52 SoccerFirst XI The Keele Oral History Project Photo right: The Soccer First XI 1951-1952

Back: Usman Shah Abdul "Alf" Afridi, Bryan Saunders, John Gregory, Len Woodford (GK), Brian Stokes, Gordon Musk, Unidentified

Front: Brian Hopkins, Brian Lawton, Dave Thompson (Capt), John Thomas, John Pleavin

Keele's First Professional Footballer

Brian Hopkins (1955), played for Keele University before joining Port Vale as an amateur in August 1957. He made his debut in a 6-1 home win over Aldershot on 21 December 1957 and got his second game in a 1-0 defeat at Coventry City on Christmas day of that year. He never played for the Vale again and was transferred to Burton Albion FC in March 1958.


Keele boxers 1956 The Keele Oral History Project Photo right: Keele Boxers, 1956

Keele Boxers with their inspirational coach Sam Pearson (a professional boxer in the 1930s). Among the students are Phil Edmondson (1959), Mike Steele (1958) and Terry Prince (1958). At 6'5" Sam Pearson was known as a gentle giant; he had fought bouts with Primo Carnera and later became Chair of the North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Ex-Boxers Association.

Photo provided by Chris Harrison (1968)

Decker Rugby The Keele Oral History Project Photo right: This photo must be one of the earliest of a Keele rugby shirt. This is Ron Decker (1954), an American exchange student to Keele from Swarthmore, 1953-1954. I wonder whether he attempted a forward pass?

The First Meeting of the AU

AU First Ever Meeting The Keele Oral History Project Photo right: Athletic Union Minutes Book - Page 1 1951 - the very first meeting of the AU, 13th February 1951.

Signed by Brian Stokes (1954), Rosamund Robson (1954), David Jeakins (1954), Arthur Richardson (1954), David B Thompson (1954), Freda Harman (1956), Robert Lee (1954)