The Keele Centre for Team Based Learning


The promotion of Team Based Learning within the STEM subjects nationally and internationally‌

To support Team Based Learning across all disciplines within Keele University.


What is TBL?

There are three distinct parts to Team Based Learning



How do we use TBL?

TBL is a great structure for whole cohort problem classes.  It allows for low staff to student ratios, stimulates student participation and generates individual and team accountability for engagement with the learning - TBL really does create active learners.  You can choose to either do away with all lectures and devote all student contact time to TBL, or you can maintain lectures and use TBL as part of regular problem sessions throughout the course.

Key features of TBL are

  • Stable mixed ability teams that last a whole module
  • Regular testing of basic knowledge
  • Team problem solving in a structured format
  • Peer and instructor feedback loops
  • Effective monitoring of student progress by instructor

Skills improved by TBL taken from the World Economic's Forum list of future skills


Student Feedback

When 80% of a class say that they have learnt something from one of their peers through TBL, something must be right.  In our experience students have a very positive reaction to TBL and give excellent feedback.  Check out our publications to see some of our student feedback.



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