Fees for Home students are set in bands depending on what facilities and resources are required. 


Band  Fee
Band A  £7,600 
Band B £8,400 
Band C   £9,500
Band D £10,200 

 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Keele Business School

Course  Full-time  Part-time  Band
MSc Accounting and Financial Management  £10,200    Band D
MSc Banking and Finance       £10,200   Band D
MSc Business Analytics £10,200   Band D
MSc Enterprise and Innovation £10,200       Band D
MSc Finance and Management  £10,200   Band D
MA Human Resource Management £10,200   Band D
MSc International Business  £10,200   Band D
MSc Management £10,200   Band D
MSc Marketing £10,200   Band D
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)   £7,000  

School of Humanities

Course  Full-time  Part-time Band
MA Contemporary Literature and Film  £8,400   £4,600   Band B
MA Creative Writing  £8,400  £4,600   Band B
MA English Literatures   £8,400  £4,600   Band B
MA Global Media and Culture   £8,400  £4,600   Band B
MA Global Media and Management  £8,400  £4,600  Band B
MA History  £8,400  £4,600   Band B
MA Music  £8,400  £4,600   Band B
MA Creative Music Technology   £8,400  £4,600   Band B
MRes Humanities   £8,400  £4,600   Band B

School of Law

Course  Full-time  Part-time  Band 
MA Child Care Law and Practice  £7,600   Band A 
MA Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice  £8,400   Band B
LLM International Law       £8,400      Band B
LLM International Law (and Human Rights) £8,400      Band B
LLM International Law (and Politics) £8,400   Band B
LLM International Law (and the Environment)  £8,400      Band B
LLM Law and Society  £8,400      Band B
MA Medical Ethics and Law £7,600   Band A
MA Medical Ethics and Palliative Care    £7,600  
  Band A
MA Safeguarding Adults: Law, Policy and Practice  £7,600   Band A

 School of Social, Political and Global Studies

Course  Full-time  Part-time  Band 
MA/MRes Global Security (Politics and International Relations pathway) £8,400  £4,600  Band B
MA/MRes International Relations (Politics and International Relations pathway)   £8,400   £4,600  Band B
MA/MRes Politics (Politics and International Relations pathway)   £8,400   £4,600  Band B
MA/MRes US Politics (Politics and International Relations pathway)   £8,400   £4,600  Band B
MRes Philosophy   £8,400   £4,600  Band B
MA Education  £8,400  £4,600  Band B
MA Criminology and Criminal Justice   £8,400  £4,600 Band B
MRes Social Science Research Methods   £8,400  £4,600 Band B
MA Education (with APEL)  £5,450  £3,000 Other 
PGCE (Academic Award) * Without QTS  £3,000   Other

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

School of Allied Health Professions

Course  Full-time  Part-time  Band 
PGCert Applied Clinical Anatomy  £3,400   Band D (Pro rata)
MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) 


  Band D
Health Sciences    £4,600 Band B (PT)
Neurological Rehabilitation    £4,600  Band B (PT)
Neuromusculoskeletal Healthcare    £4,600  Band B (PT)
Pain Science and Management    £4,600  Band B (PT)
Advanced Physiotherapy    £4,600  Band B (PT)
Advanced Physiotherapy (Cardio-respiratory)   £4,600 Band B (PT)

 School of Medicine

Course  Full-time  Part-time  Band 
Clinical Education (Intercalated)  £7,600   Band A 
Clinical Education (MA)    £10,200  Band D  
Clinical Education (PGDip)    £6,800  Band D (pro rata)
Clinical Education (PG Cert)    £3,400  Band D (pro rata)
Medical Science (Leadership and Management PG Cert)    £3,400 Band D (pro rata) 
Medical Science (Anatomical Services)   £8,400     Band B
Physician Associate Studies (2-year MSc)   £10,200    Band D
PG Cert Medical Education (distance learning)   £3,400 Band D (pro rata) 

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Course  Full-time  Part-time  Band 
Advancing Professional Practice    £3,400 Band D (pro rata)
Rheumatology Practice    £3,400 Band D (pro rata)
Advanced Clinical Practice    £3,400 Band D (pro rata)
Adult Nursing   £10,200   Band D 


School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering

Course  Full-time  Part-time  Band 
Advanced Practice      £3,400  Band D (pro rata)
Biomedical Engineering  £10,200 £5,600  Band D
MRes Bioengineering  £10,200  £5,600  Band D
Cell and Tissue Engineering  £10,200  £5,600  Band D
Clinical Pharmacy    £3,400  Band D (pro rata)
Clinical Pharmacy Practise    £3,400  Band D (pro rata)
Professional MSc Year     £3,400  Band D (pro rata)
Certificate in Research and Evaluation     £3,400  Band D (pro rata)
Independent Prescribing Preparatory Course (60 credits)    £3,400   Band D (pro rata)
 Medical Engineering Design  £10,200  
 Band D

School of Primary, Community and Social Care

Course  Full-time  Part-time  Band
MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy   £10,200  £5,600 Band D
Graduate Certificate in Counselling (60 credits at Level 6)    £3,400 Band D (pro rata)
MA Social work  £7,600   Band A


Faculty of Natural Sciences

School of Chemical and Physical Sciences

Course  Full-time   Part-time   Band  
MSc Analytical Science for Industry   £9,500    Band C
MRes Chemistry  £9,500    Band C

 School of Computing and Maths

Course  Full-time  Part-time  Band 
MSc Advanced Computer Science  £9,500   Band C
MSc Computer Science   £9,500   Band C
MSc Smart Energy Management   £9,500


Band C

School of Life Sciences

Course  Full-time  Part-time Band 
Biomedical Blood Sciences  £9,500   Band C
Graduate Diploma in Biomedical Science  £6,400   

Band C 



Course  Full-time  Part-time  Band 
MSc Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology  £9,500  £5,200  Band C
MSc Geoscience Research  £9,500  £5,200  Band C
MSc Geographical and Environmental Research  £9,500  £5,200  Band C

School of Psychology

Course  Full-time Part-time Band 
MSc Applied Social and Political Psychology  £9,500 £5,200 Band C
MSc Child Development  £9,500 £5,200 Band C
MSc Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience  £9,500 £5,200 Band C
MSc in Psychology of Health & Wellbeing  £9,500 £5,200 Band C