Welcome to Keele University!

To get started, there are two videos for you to watch on this page. One is to help you access your Keele IT account and the other is an introduction to the Keele Learning Environment (KLE), which will direct you to continue your induction online.

Please complete your induction before you arrive. You'll feel prepared, learn about all of the essentials, and staff will expect you to already be familiar with the topics covered.

Access your Keele IT account

Multi-factor authentication for students

You will be prompted to set up MFA when you first log into your Keele IT account, and will be guided through the set-up process on-screen. Your authentication methods can also be used for Self-Service Password Resets, enabling you to reset your own password without having to get in touch with the IT Service Desk.

We recommend that you attempt logging in from a computer or other secondary device before you start.

You can then scan the QR code that will be created as part of the MFA process with the camera on your mobile phone.

Log in to your Keele IT account for the first time

Having problems setting up MFA?

Check out the IT page for students about Multi-Factor Authentication for more information and a FAQ.

For any issues that you cannot resolve yourself, please contact it.service@keele.ac.uk.

An introduction to the KLE

This video will show you how to access the Keele Learning Environment (KLE), and how to find the induction module within it to carry on your induction online.

After watching this video, please go to the KLE to complete your pre-arrival induction programme.

Need help?

For any issues accessing the induction content, please contact it.service@keele.ac.uk.